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Lease Purchase Homes Atlanta

Attention: The American Real Estate market is broken! The purpose of a market place is to bring willing and able buyers and sellers together. Currently, the market is failing to do this. With mortgage qualifications getting more and more stringent, it is getting hard for hard working average Americans to own a home.  Down payments requirements can be 20% and now even 30%, credit must perfect, and income and work history must be solid.  Forget it if your credit is less than perfect, you are new to your job, or self-employed. If you clear those hurdles then you have to come up with the down payment. Lastly if all that works, you might have your deal sabotaged by a bad appraisal or the requirements may change before you close. Luckily there is an alternative path to home ownership. We can help many of the people that the market is leaving behind, often with no credit check!

Most people dream of owning a home of their own. But for many that dream seems out of reach because they have credit issues, high debt ratios, lack of a large down payment, or are self employed.  These people often cannot quailify for a conventional mortgage especially in these tight credit markets. However, there is an alternative to conventional financing through traditional mortage lenders.  One such option is a lease purchase.  In a lease purchase you make a reasonable down payment, move into the home, and work on your qualification issues. Usually after a year or two of diligent work on your issues you can refinance the home and close on the home.

The recent financial and housing crisis has created a situation where there are numerous sellers, banks, investors, and home builders who need to sell their homes and often a lease purchase is preferable to waiting for the perfect buyer with perfect credit. These sellers will work with us to put good families in their homes via Lease Purchases so they can move their inventory. After being placed in a home we work with you and the seller to create a plan for getting you a mortgage.  Dont let the challenges deter you from your dream, we can help put you in a home quickly even if your credit is not perfect, you are self employed or still working on that down payment.
There are numerous homes available in the Metro Atlanta area in all areas and price ranges- from $100 Thousand to over $3 million. We have all types of homes from new construction to quality used homes in all price ranges and locations in the metro area. While most of our homes are available via a great lease purchase program, many properties are also available via other types of owner financing.

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