Why bown propertIes llc?

Thanks for visiting us, we started our family owned
agency in 2009 by purchasing properties, improving those properties and then selling those properties at a profit.
We have been very fortunate and are thankful for all our success.
Now we have a program designed specifically for home owners
interested in doing the same with their home. We call it.              
                                     “FLIP your own House”
Most all agents will suggest thing like removing personal items and decluttering, we do more. For FREE we will analyze your situation more precisely than our competitors and together we can consider improvements that could bring you thousands
more profit from the sale of your property, sound good?

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Our approach is unique, we are thrilled to list your home and do the same As all the others. What we offer differently from the other listing agents is years of
                     “Flipping Experience“
that we can use to increase your returns.

With that same experience, we can help you find a home that needs a little work to become your dream house. We can help you make those changes, or we can provide a scope of work to you for free.

Selling in today’s ENVIRONMENT for
top dollar can have its CHALLENGES.
Here is the problem.
There are more newly remodeled homes on the market than ever before.

Maybe You should consider a new approach to selling your home.
Well, I think we may have some good news for you for a change. there is a good chance we can help you sell your home for the highest price possible. 
We offer a FREE in home evaluation to determine if our program is right for you and your home.

Here is the solution.
You see our company, Bown Properties LLC is a full service Real estate firm and the fact is we started of as an investment firm buying and flipping homes throughout the Triad area of NC. We still fix and flip, but now we are helping people just like you to sell your homes in a similar manner. Our company is now using our considerable experience to work with homeowners in an effort to make the necessary changes to their property
to get buyers interested and larger profits for home seller.

Here is how it works.
We can determine the extent of the improvements required and the increase in the value of your home from those improvements. Of course we will examine the cost/benefit analysis to gain the greatest return available. 
We examine your property and together we make a plan. In that plan we have what is called a “Scope of Work” also we like to use a “Schedule of Work” and a “Cost of Work”.

With this approach each home has two valuations.
The first is the “As is Value” just as it sounds, that is the value of your home in its current condition. 
The other Valuation is the
“After Improved Value” and of course that is the value of the property after the improvements are finished.

Then we simply do the math.
Here is an example
“As is Value”                                        $200,000
“Cost of Work”.                                   $10,000
“After Improved Value”                 $225,000

So in this example we spent $10,000 and received $25,000 in return, or a gain of $15,000 and that is a 150% return on the investment.
Bown Properties can schedule work as
to reduce interruptions in your routine.
If you would prefer to do the work yourselves you may be able to make even more profit. We hope you give us a chance to talk with you about what we can do to help you sell your home for for more profit!

Thank you for your consideration,
Jim Bown and Courtney Bown (BIC)

Contact us to see how we can help
you with all your Real Estate needs. 
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