Our lenders have experienced

Benifits our lenders receive while
partnering with Bown Properties LLC

1.  Much higher and predetermined rates of return. 

2.  Short term Notes, lender chooses each property individually to invest in.  

3.  Title insurance. To protect the lender.

4.  Property insurance. Another way to protect the lender.

5. Property actual value 50% higher than purchase price.
    Therefore lender has less risk than with other investments.

6. Deed of Trust on the property. Even more protection for the lender.
    Lender can foreclose on the property If we fail to meet the term of the
    contract. Never happened, never will! But the lender is ported again.
7. No one offers insurance when investing in the stock market!

Bown properties LLC is developing long term relationships with our equity investors. By creating a lucrative, consistent and predetermined
income while minimizing risk through Real Estate.  

bown properties llc
profitable resultS

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To talk about the many opportunities that investing with Bown Properties LLC presents call 336-253-8207 or Email and speak with
Jim Bown.
We have short term “fix and flip” high interest short term opportunities of one year or even less.
We have long term opportunities on multi family rental properties from 2 up to 15 years with a fixed rate of return of your money in all cases is secured by the property itself.
Let us know if you want the Benefits of Real Estate Investing without all the work!

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