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Thank you

Hello Jim,
When you first appeared I was hopeful you would help me and you did so much more than I even knew could be done. I wanted to let you know everything is going great. I thought  I was going to lose my mind before you came to us. As I told you my lawyer said all we could do now was to pray. Well thanks to you it really worked. We are grateful to you for your patience and understanding not only moving us but installing a new septic system and getting the survey done for us and allowing me to keep my home and dignity."  Thank you.
Janice  ( home owner)                                                                                             
Trinity, NC.

Your good people!

Hello Mr Bown
We appreciate how you helped us in a difficult situation. You did exactly what you said you would do and it made a big difference to us. Thanks we did not know what we were going to do. You helped us make a good plan and even helped us to afford to move into a new place. We thank you for everything. Your good people!
Darrien L (Home owner)
Winston Salem, NC